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OCGA's national conference is coming soon! Don't miss the opportunity to hear current information about charitable gaming across the country.  Our keynote address will be from Greg McKenzie, Senior Vice President, Ontario Lottery and Gaming. Register soon to reserve your spot.  Join charitable organizations, operators, vendors, regulators, and gaming staff from across Canada and beyond for this exciting and educational networking event.  Included with your charitable gaming registration are:  the Summit Opening Reception (June 16); the Exhibitor and Delegate Reception (June 17); Keynote Address and Lunch; Breakfast; Coffee Break; and Exhibition Floor Access.

For a description of the sessions, please click here.  To register, please visit the registration page by clicking here.



We are excited to share the latest cGaming milestone.  Charity revenues under cGaming have now surpassed the 75 Million.  Congratulations to all participating charities and charitable gaming centres!



Presentations from this year's charitable gaming conference are available for downloading: 

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We are pleased to announce that the full post-project report on the second BOTDF demonstration project is now available.  Click here to read the full report.  A summary report is available in the December 2013 OCGA Newsletter posted in our Members' Library.



Please read AGCO Bulletin 073 for information on the pilot project that allows the use of debit cards to purchase charitable gaming product including break open tickets and bingo paper.


Recent media stemming from the Trot Insider, a publication by Standardbred Canada, has been critical of our Revitalization initiative, accusing the government of killing the race industry through changes to their lucrative slot program.  Much of their information is inaccurate and distorted and we have responded to Standardbred Canada and to various media outlets.  We have prepared a Fact Sheet to set the record straight.  For a copy of the fact sheet, click here.



Every day across Ontario charities, service clubs, and not-for-profits provide untold numbers of programs and services to the public.  From special needs' programs for children to health promotion, women's shelters, seniors programs, youth sports, medical equipment, the arts  - and so much more.

Where do they get the money to fund these important community-based initiatives?  One important source of funding is through the sale of Charity Tickets.  These tickets, which are an instant win lottery-type product, are also known as Break Opens, Nevadas, and Pull-tabs. Charity Tickets were first introduced to Ontario in the mid-80s, making them one of the longest standing lottery-type products in the province.

While Charity Tickets are sold at different price points, most sell for .50¢ or $1.00 and generate prizes ranging from .50¢ to $500.00. In addition to the multiple price points, Charity Tickets are available in many different designs. The most popular tickets, however, are those that feature 5 perforated windows through which the patterns are revealed when the player peels back each window.

Charities, not-for-profits, and service clubs must apply to their local municipality – or, in some circumstances, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario – for a licence to sell Charity Tickets. These tickets are then available for sale in many convenience stores, bingo centres,Canadian Legions or, in the case of an organization like a volunteer hospital auxiliary, through their own premises.  A fixed percentage of every ticket sold goes directly to the organization holding that licence.  For some organizations, Charity Tickets are but one component of their overall fund-raising initiatives; for others, it is their sole fund-raising program.

We estimate that over 6 500 Ontario groups currently use Charity Tickets to raise money for their organizations.  And, for the 12-month period ending April 2011, they generated $42 million of vital funding for these organizations – funding that enabled them to provide Ontarians with thousands of programs and services to which they might not otherwise have access.

As with all gaming products sold in Ontario, integrity is ensured through regulation by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.  Please visit www.agco.on.ca for more information on the AGCO.

Charities, service clubs, or not-for-profits that are interested in using Break Open Tickets as a fund-raising tool are asked to contact ppetrolo@charitablegaming.com for more information.



The Ontario Charitable Gaming Association (OCGA), along with the Commercial Gaming Association of Ontario (CGAO) and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG), are coming together to revitalize the charitable bingo and gaming industry in Ontario. This is an exciting partnership that will provide an opportunity to increase funds to thousands of charities and non-profits across the province.

The initiative affects current bingo centres in Ontario and the charities that now raise funds in these centres. In addition to traditional paper Bingo, OLG is developing and offering new products, technologies and games – like electronic Bingo – to invigorate the traditional Bingo experience. These new products, based on popular games, help evolve the traditional playing experience, attracting more players. By doing so, this initiative will help sustain hundreds of part-time jobs, while preserving the much needed funding generated by charitable bingo and gaming for local charities in those communities.

This initiative has already been implemented in 6 initial bingo centres across Ontario (click here to learn more about these bingo centres), successfully raising over $43 million for over 500 local charities - like children’s organizations, environmental initiatives and health services. And this is just the beginning, because OLG has made a strong commitment to continually revitalize and add new products moving forward. Building on the success of the first 6, OLG is committed to adding more bingo centres to this initiative benefitting even more charities now and in the coming years.

To see the list of charities that the 6 bingo centres help support, click here.

Break Open Ticket Impact of Recent Changes and $1 Ticket  -  An Industry Perspective

In 2010, the AGCO introduced changes to Break Open Tickets allowing third party charities to apply for a "single licence", thereby, giving charities and suppliers more flexibility to introduce new ticket types.  Charities and non-profits can also apply for a longer licence period, up to a maximum of 5 years.  Research commissioned by the Ontario Break Open Ticket Development Fund shows that a $1 Ticket, if introduced properly, could have promising results.  Read an interview of members of the Break Open Ticket Develpment Fund that have embraced the single licence and extended licence along with the $1 ticket and find out what their experience has been. 

$10 Million Raised for Charitable Organizations at Sudbury Gaming Centre

The Charities at Boardwalk Gaming Centre Sudbury had something to celebrate!  One of the original eBingo gaming centres reached the $10 million milestone, the first centre in Ontario to achieve this milestone.  Over one hundred local community groups benefited over the past five years and the impact on the local community is immeasurable. 

On July 28th, Boardwalk Gaming Centre celebrated its achievement with Minister Bartolucci, Mayor Marianne Matichuck, and Rod Phillips, the newly appointed OLG, CEO.  

News Release - Charitable Bingo and Gaming Revitalization Initiative

Click here to read a recent OLG News Release regarding the Charitable Bingo and Gaming Revitalization Initiative.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

eGaming Planning Process Moving Forward

We are very pleased that the planning process for the ebingo gaming options with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG) is moving ahead and a full communication from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming, Ontario Charitable Gaming Association, and the Commercial Gaming Association Ontario is available by clicking here.

The OCGA is at the table representing the interests of charities and non-profits.  

OCGA, Private Sector and Government Work Together to Deliver Technology Opportunities for Charitable Bingo

This is the most exciting news that the charitable bingo industry has had in years!
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OCGA and Government work together to Deliver Big Wins for Charitable Gaming Industry
Revenue Models Adjusted to Help Ensure Ongoing Success for Bingo Charities and Third Party BOT Sector.
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